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How To Use YouTube For Business (On Demand Workshop)

How To Use YouTube For Business (On Demand Workshop)

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Unlock the untapped potential of YouTube with our comprehensive course.

In today's digital landscape, YouTube has become a cornerstone for both individuals and businesses. However, the majority fail to capitalise on its full potential by overlooking a crucial aspect – channel setup.

Here's the deal: Google's acquisition of YouTube for a staggering $1.65 Billion underscores its significance. By aligning yourself with YouTube, you're not only benefitting from Google's approval, but you're also enhancing your SEO efforts. After all, YouTube stands as the second-largest search engine globally.

But wait, there's more to it than merely uploading your content and crossing your fingers for views. The real magic lies in skillfully steering your audience towards your videos and channel. That's where we come in.

Introducing our transformative course:

YouTube Channel Mastery: Maximise Visibility, Optimise Results

Our course isn't just about setting up your channel – it's about doing it right. We'll guide you through the process of strategically incorporating vital information, giving your videos the best shot at reaching your intended audience.

But that's not all. We're all about efficiency. By enrolling in our course, you'll discover how to pre-set a whopping 70% of your future upload information. Imagine the time and effort you'll save while ensuring consistency and professionalism across your content.

Don't let your YouTube potential go untapped. Join us and supercharge your YouTube journey today.

Course Content

  1. Lesson 1 - Introduction And An Overview
  2. Lesson 2 - Settings
  3. Lesson 3 - Customising Your Channel
  4. Lesson 4 - Uploading Videos
  5. Lesson 5 - Subtitles, End Screens and Cards
  6. Lesson 6 - Extra Features and TubeBuddy